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Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

In the never-ending skirmish of daily deadlines, fundraising, programming, and administration, it is easy for nonprofits to neglect planning for the future…but great nonprofit leaders must always be asking these types of questions:

What is our compelling vision for the future? How will this community be different and better because of our work? Why does our organization exist? Are we fulfilling our mission? How should we allocate our human, financial, and technological resources to support our efforts?

Strategic planning is essential to the success and sustainability of any nonprofit, government agency, foundation or community initiative. The Lee Institute provides strategic planning design, facilitation, and research services for organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to established statewide nonprofits.

Whether your group needs a one-day planning retreat or a year-long, research-based strategy process, we can help you chart a course toward clarity of purpose, growth and stability, and stronger external relationships.

For any strategic planning process, we focus on understanding your organization’s current state; engaging stakeholders through surveys, focus groups, and interviews; designing an inclusive and transparent process; and creating a safe environment in which leaders can do their best and boldest thinking to advance the organization’s service to the community.

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