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Public & Stakeholder Engagement

One of the Lee Institute’s most deeply held beliefs is in the value of diverse community voices.

We believe passionately that all community processes — neighborhood development, nonprofit strategic planning, collective impact efforts and more — are improved by bringing a wide range of perspectives and opinions into the conversation.

We believe in the fundamental value of dialogue and know that all civic decisions are improved by input from those most affected, from those both within and outside of the existing power structure, and from those with unique knowledge and expertise to contribute.

Since its founding, the Lee Institute has specialized in public engagement efforts that bring community voices into complex processes, showing respect to participants and producing actionable, clear data for our clients to use in their decision-making efforts.

We have convened corporate CEOs, low-income residents, public school educators, health care providers, nonprofit staff and many more groups, all carefully crafted to contribute high-quality thinking to our clients and their projects.

Our engagement and inclusion work ranges from focus groups (both newly created and intact groups), open houses, workshops, town hall meetings, charrettes, individual interviews, online engagement, surveys and citizen advisory committees.

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