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Greater Good Board Training Program

In 2016, the Lee Institute saw a significant increase in requests for our nonprofit board training programs, along with pleas from young professionals who wanted more information—and earlier education—about the roles and responsibilities of board volunteers.

We recognized this as a critical need in the social sector and one made more urgent by our knowledge that board effectiveness is the upper limit on nonprofit performance. No nonprofit can be more successful than its board, and no one in Charlotte offered large-scale centralized training for board members.

In May 2017, following a year-long research and design process, the Lee Institute piloted our new community training program for young professionals: "Greater Good: Becoming A Nonprofit Board Member."

We developed and piloted this program through the extraordinary generosity of PNC Bank and the Reemprise Fund. The Lee Institute offered the initial pilot workshops in partnership with the United Way of Central Carolinas Young Leaders program, underwritten by the Reemprise Fund.

This highly interactive new curriculum includes:

The Greater Good curriculum was built on nationally recognized best practices and on the Lee Institute's extensive experience in board training. While its original audience is young professionals, its content is easily and frequently adapted for a wide range of audiences.

Greater Good Podcasts

The Greater Good podcast library currently contains 11 conversations with prominent Charlotte board members, including this one with attorney and longtime board leader Valecia McDowell.

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