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As a nonprofit organization, the Lee Institute is committed to supporting critically important community initiatives that need facilitation and consulting support.

Many of these community issues, especially in their early stages, lack the funds to pay consultants and facilitators, but they know that good project design and strong processes are essential their future success.

Within the Lee Institute, the Olin Nisbet Action Fund enables us to do the important work the community needs, whether or not the work has an identified funder.

  • Third Grade Reading Task Force

Olin Nisbet was an early advocate, friend and important supporter of the effort to protect the Duke Mansion and establish the Lee Institute. To create a permanent, living testimony to Olin’s leadership, his friends --- led by Ed Crutchfield --- have created the Olin Nisbet Action Fund.

Earnings from the Olin Nisbet Action Fund enable the Lee Institute to bring its expertise and community-building skills to selected projects that otherwise could not afford professional facilitation and process design. The Fund is a combination of a rapid-response fund and a seed money initiative, ensuring that the Lee Institute principles of dialogue, respect, inclusion and transparency are ‘in the room’ for some of the most critical conversations of the day.

If you would like to help the Lee Institute support major community challenges through the Olin Nisbet Action Fund, please contact us at 704.632.6714.

All gifts to the Fund and to the Lee Institute are tax deductible, and flexible payment schedules are available.

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