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The Impact of COVID-19 on Charlotte's Social Sector
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A Unique Opportunity to Build A Stronger Charlotte
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Voices of Our Neighbors:  The Connect Our Future Project
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Task Force Commits to Boosting Reading for Charlotte Children
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Clarity for Care Ring, Health for Charlotte
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University of North Carolina Charlotte

The Lee Institute helped open the dialogue among faculty from different academic programs to find commonality and start building bridges to ensure success for our students.
Claudia Flowers, Chair, Department of Educational Leadership
Strategic Planning

Mint Museum Auxiliary

The Lee Institute has brought a professional and objective approach to the Mint Museum Auxiliary’s Strategic Planning Process, capturing the diverse ideas of our volunteers and distilling them down into a streamlined document with clear goals, objectives and action items for us to focus on for the next three years. The Lee Institute did in less than one year what would have taken our organization 3-5 years to do.
Lori Mountcastle, Board Chair
Strategic Planning

Catherine's House

The Lee Institute was very helpful in guiding Catherine's House through a well-designed strategic planning process. Following the completion of focused research and interactive meetings, we emerged from the process with greater clarity regarding our mission and goals for the future. The process also assisted our Board and staff in affirming the strengths of the organization and how we might apply our unique resources to assist even more women and children who face homelessness.
Stan Patterson, Executive Director

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